To register, you must prepare the following:

    Download the JRF app on Google playstore (Android) or App store (IOS)

    After downloading the app, just click [Sign Up] and proceed with the registration.

2. Visit our branch

    You may personally visit our branch in Ansan so that our staff will assist you in the registration process.

1. Foreigners
To register, you must prepare the following:

    (a) Passport or Alien Registration Card (Residance Card)

    (b) Mobile number

    (c) Bank account details

2. Korean nationals
To register, you must prepare the following:

    You may personally visit our branch in Ansan so that our staff will assist you in the registration process.

    (b) Mobile number

    (c) Bank account details.

Signing up for our service requires a mobile number. However, if you do not have a mobile number, kindly reach out to our customer service staff so that they can properly assist you with this.

The phone number must be registered under your name. This will be important during the phone number verification process.
To proceed with signing up, you also have to make sure that you provide accurate phone number and personal details.

Yes, you should use your own bank account when registering for a remittance service as mandated by Korean law.

Yes, simply sign in on the JRF app and change the registered bank account or contact our customer service for assistance.

Your submitted information will be verified within 24 hours. However, if it takes longer than the said period, please reach out to us through our customer service team so they can immediately assist you with this issue.

Don't worry! You may contact our customer service team and they will walk you through the registration process.

Sign in to your mobile app and change the Password at the 'More' section. Or contact our customer service for assistance.

Currently we provide our services to the following countries:
Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam
*The number of countries and services will be increased in the near future.
*For more information, please (Click) here.

- USD 5,000 / Transaction
- USD 50,000 / Year
The annual limit is based on the total amount of money transferred by the sender, regardless of the receiving country, within one year.

To check the transaction fee by Country, please (Click) here.

JRF has made it easier to send money to your home country.
Use the guidelines and choose one of the following method to send money:

Before you apply for transaction you may verify your mobile phone, ID, and personal information on the JRF Mobile app or contact our customer service for assistance.

1. Auto-Debit System
After log in, choose auto-debit system and fill out the beneficiary information.
Once you request to send, money will be deducted from your registered bank account and automatically delivered to your beneficiary bank account.

2. Manual (vertual Account) System
After log in, fill out and submit the transfer request form.
Deposit the transfer amount to JRF's virtual account within 1 hour.

You'll be notified about your transaction's status via SMS/Push/Kakao message.

Customer can request to cancel the transaction if:

1. Before paid or credited into beneficiary's account
- JRF will approve your request to cancel the transactions only if your applied transaction is not paid or credited into your beneficiary's account.
(When customer process remittance with contain of the invalid bank information, may request immidiately for cancellation/edit & resend before paid/creditted to a wrong bank account.)

2. How to request?
- Contact our JRF customer service and provide your transaction details (Transaction Number, Transaction amount, Sender details, beneficiary details, etc.)

JRF can refund transactions upon the request of the sender if:

1. Incomplete transactions:
- JRF will refund incomplete transactions that has been refunded to JRF from the beneficiary bank or personnel in the event that the Sender submitted invalid bank information and has no other means to provide the correct information or reprocess it through another pay-out method.
- JRF will refund the transaction if JRF has not been able to complete the transaction after 14 days from the date of receipt of the sender's initial deposit or automatic withdrawal from sender's bank account.

2. Transactions that are completed by the system but contain invalid bank information submitted by the sender may not be refunded. Nevertheless, JRF will do its best to assist the recipient in retrieving the amount.

You can check the status of the transaction and detailed information including transaction number in the transaction history page.

Sign in to your mobile app and change the Transaction PIN at the 'More' section. Or contact our customer service for assistance.

JRF is international remittance company base on Korea and Japan. We provide an Easy, Fast and Affordable way to send money home. Using JRF Auto-debit or Manual Transaction system, your money can be delivered through the methods of cash-pickup and bank transfer.

JRF has obtained the 'Small Overseas Remittance Business' license from the Ministry of Strategy and Finance of Korea (No. 2020-1) and has completed the security check required by the Financial Services Agency. We follow strict policies to protect customer's remittance fund and personal information.

Anyone who living in Korea can register with our service using their Passport / Korean National ID / Residence Card / Alien Registration Card and Korean Bank Account Passbook

JRF is head quartered in Seoul, Gangnam and currently operating one branch in Ansan area.
*For more information, please click Contact menu.

Weekdays: 10:00 to 19:00
Business hour subject to be changed according to the operation changes.
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Please leave your message in the Contact menu or send a message on our Facebook page. Our customer service staff will contact you soon.
*To check the available countries' Facebook pages, click the Facebook icon on our homepage."